Muslims are the Least Trusted among Canadians

A survey has been given to Canadian people to see their views about other religions and races. The higher percentage that they chose is that Muslims are not worthy to trust and that this is their fault. This bias opinion was existed after a decade from the 9-11.

I do not know what the basis of this is but I believe if people did not try to get knowing other races and other cultures it consider as self arrogant and strict thinking of others. In this case regardless of Muslims, everyone should be considered as himself and not being judged by it group.



Visualizations : Muslim populations around the world

A technological statistical diagram of visualizing the population of Muslims around the world, in the past 1990, present 2010, and future 2030. This project access you to explore the percentage of Muslims in each country. Here in the snapshot you can see the colors and sizes of Muslims depend on the numbers of them in each country and in each part of the world.



Islam is of the Devil

Terry Jones & Islam is of the devil campaign, Gainesville, Florida. 

The pastor Terry Jones campaign of burning the Qura’an which is the holy book of Muslims got to be very offensives to Islam. He said that by burring the Koran it will shows from the people the dangerous of this religion and what it does around the world. Jones was asked by lots of TV programs about what to him what Islam does to the world, he answered that it want to impose sharia law all around the world and that Islam is the cause of the problems in Europe and in America. Also he sees that this a freedom of speech to burn the Koran.

I believe that he is attributing what happened in 9/11 to Islam which is wrong. It is not fare to judge the whole Islamic nation of what some groups among them did. Islam is a peaceful religion, Muslims were part of whom got killed in the attack at that day. On the other hand, Obama apologize and reject Terry Jones’ campaign and the Christian activist group are against what Jones presenting. 

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Salem’s Halal Market & Grill. Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA. Ahmed Mohammad.

Street art is being presented by a painting on one of the Arabian market place wall that is located in Pittsburgh, PA. As we can see clearly from the painting a peace word written by the hand sign so even duff people can read it. Also, the wall includes several flags of other countries and some words like HOLA, SALAM, and MARHABA. The first photo has an Arabian writing in top of the door which means “In the name of God the Merciful”. This work main point is to gather all nationalities and pointed that the store sell all kind of food especially Arabian food. In addition to the mosque that is painted at the top of a ship and some symbols of the most famous figures in the countries where Islam started like Egypt.


Stop the Islamization of America

Stop the Islamization of America, Pamela Geller. 

This book was written by Pamela Geller about the anti-Islamic organization (Stop the Islamization of America) that is established and led by her. The organization is founded in 2010 in NYC. The purpose of this organization is to focus on human rights,religious liberty, and freedom of speech, and opposing Sharia law (Islamic religious law). Opponents critic this group and describe it as a hate group who is against Muslims in America. Geller starts to describe that they are in war, and there is a self jihad, and all kinds of jihad. She said that Islam is trying to force non-Muslims to accommodate themselves with Muslims by giving them their time prayer in school or work place. She also said that in Iran Muslims do not get prayer time at their work and Iran is a Muslim country. Geller asks people to reject the imposing of Islam is America. 

Muslims live their life by the Sharia law which is a religious law taken from the Qura’an and from prophet Mohammad. So if American Muslims or non-American are asking to have breaks for their prayer I see that it is a right to at least try to ask for a time or room to pray in. We have a strong belief for that we are very strict to follow and obey God’s (Allah) rules. Eating Halal meet and not eating pork and not investing out money in things that God prohibited us to do is a kind of obeying God’s commandments.  

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Shaima Alawadi’s Murder

Fatima Alhimidi weeps over her mother Shaima Alawadi’s coffin as it arrives in Najaf, Iraq.  (Credit: AP/Alaa al-Marjani).

Shaima Alawadi who is an Iraqi immigrant lived with her family in EL Cajon, CA. They moved from Iraq in 1991 after the Iraq war and to escape Sadam Hussain harsh treatment to Iraqis. Shaima was murdered in her own house, some people claim that it is a hate crime since they found a letter in her car saying that she is getting a divorce from her husband. Other said that it is from a mistrious person who wanted to kill her for honor accourding to the note that he left near her dead body, “Go back to your country, you terrorist.” so this make it clear that the killer attention is to threaten the Iraqi people who are in EL Cajon. In addition to what Basma Coda said that they have been getting threaten notes telling them to leave that place. Now Alawadi’s murder is as a threat to all immigrants, Muslims, Iraqi people in that area. 

I believe that after the US conflict with Iraq and Sadam Hussain lots of people see all Iraqis as criminals and terrorist. Although, Iraqi’s suffered a lot in Iraq that is why they chose to be immigrated to the US. Most of Muslim Iraqis get to be asked about their view of the Iraq war. It is hard for them to be at this situation since they moved from there and became a US citizens. They feel that they have been treated wrong and that the American dream is untrue for them. 



"Flying While Muslim": ‘Racial’ Profiling Post-9/11, Lyra Porass Garzon.

This documentary exhibits how Arabs and Muslims are treated after September 11th attacks. Thousands of Arabs are an immigrants from their countries to the US since the 90s because they wanted to escape the expressive government under one of the leaders or because of wars in their countries. They now consider America as their country where they grew up and lived their freedom. On the other hand, after the attacks lots of discrimination cases were reported against Muslims and Islam such as, profiling on the roads and on the airways, special registration, and stereotyping Islam. Why those innocent Muslims people suffer and get certain treatment from other Americans for something they have no hand on. 


Bias Against Muslims Women Wearing Headscarf in Turkey

Controversy over Mini Cooper, Religion, and Headscarves Highlights Need to End Discrimination Against Women in Turkey.

In the article the woman who host the show “A passion of Cars” was ridding a mini copper for a test drive wearing a headscarf an was also pictured doing the test drive. Soon After the picture was published in the public and the executive of the Mini Copper and BMW approached (Kilic) the host of the show and stated that her picture wearing the headscarf while riding the Mini Copper was causing the company a bad image. When the public was aware of such accusation, then media exploded with angry citizens. Many costumers began canceling their orders causing a decrease in revenue for the company. The executive immediately resigned and the company published an appoligy to the public.

Turkey was one of the most powerful Islamic empires but when Mustafa Kamal Ataturk came he separated religion from life and from the country’s policy. The issue here is that woman wearing head scarves are being looked down upon. This creates complications among the public and the citizens, also creating hatred and bias judgement. I believe such treatment and degradation of women in Turkey must be spoken for and noticed. We are taught to not judge human beings by their race, class or wear and yet in the 21st century issues regarding “head scarves” and religion begin arising. There is more to a human than his or her looks, going alone with the same old saying, we are taught to “not judge a book by its cover”. However we still find others doing the exact opposite creating frustration, media hatred and money loss over such issues.         

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The Islamic Hijab Cover for Muslim Woman

World Press Photo of the Year, Samuel Aranda.

This photo is about Fatima and her son Zayed who was suffering from the impact of tear gas while protesting at the streets in Yemen. Relating this story to my topic about discrimination against Islam and Muslims. I am just going to explain the women covering in the Islamic religion where the woman should cover herself as much as she can, we can see in the photo as Fatima is wearing the veil (what covers the face) and jalbab (what covers the body).

Allah saysin surat Al-Ahzab, (verse 59), what can be translated as,”O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the woman of the believers to draw their Jalalib all over their bodies. That will be better. That they should be known so not to be annoyed. And Allah is ever oft-forgiving, most merciful.” So covering our body is a duty in Islam and all Muslims women must implement this and obey Allah. In Islam women are obligated to cover themself because of many reasons like to be far away from desiring men and to protect her private parts from nakedness.

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Muslim Students Face Bullying in Schools

Lots of Muslim students face bullying in schools either verbally or physically. There was a study shows that most of Muslim students in non-Islamic countries are depressed because of discrimination in school and most of them faced at least one discrimnation case. School is one of factors that can affect the personality of the child so if there was discrimination cases because of his/her religion; he/her attitude or emission will be affected. Many cases have been reported such as a Muslim girl who had been chased by her classmate and a Muslim boy that had been beaten from some other boys. High position people in schools must be responsible for the states of the students for example if the teacher gives his/her support or at least be in the side of the students from different religions, the students are going to feel safe and the bullying cases are going to decrease. Also, schools should mention and aware the students that they are all here to learn and to make the world a better place and that religious differences are not going to effect that. In addition, bullying other students is a horrible thing to do and people who do it will be punished.

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